09/11/06: Paris John

I was introduced to (unsure of his name but I now know him as) Paris John. It was remarkable a French Scot who is profoundly found of fashion. He carried military photos of him in Zulu locations carried a military manouveur map of Italy and sported a Sporan. His main fashion tip was that he needed a specific pair of real silver shoes. We were both sporting white shoes which he was impressed by. John the Penguin, John the Scot just watch your tails your have a partner in crime or maybe a rival on the fashion Scot circuit.


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No competition.
This is nothing but a pale imitation of the REAL thing, however original in its chaos. He seems to be wearing trousers under the kilt. A definite foxes paw north of the border.
Although I'm rather impressed with the racoon round the neck.
Could have FURther possibilities.
ps. a little bird just told me the penguins none to impressed either

hi mark! wowowowow your mark-o-meter went up SO MUCH!

are you ready for the last challange: the mobile?

i am coming to london on the 14th to be filmed by mtv--would be great to meet up with you! i would really like to get the 360fashion phone up and running. can you call me?

love your blog


Dear Mark,

I was just looking at the film that I shot of you in Paris. I will try to make a very mini edit and send it to you one of these days.

Miss you,

Kisses, Diane

Diane,good to hear from you, I was wondering when I would get the opportunity to witness that event. Thank you for your discretion.