14/11/06: Sophie's Birthday

This is Sophie’s Birthday Present. I found him on Rue de Rivoli in the window display of an astrological equipment shop perched between two huge telescopes. Looking like he was slightly lost in this cosmic place and feeling like I have found an alternative to coco the missing coconut I fell in love. On the Nuit Blanche night we walked past the shop with Sophie and Eve and I pointed him out, she fell in love with it as she collects stuffed animals, even though it wasn't a stuffed animal I made it my mission to present it to her on her Birthday as I have bad past record of presents on this particular day. I went and visited the shop with out my French Dictionary and tried to convince the bemused Telescope Enthusiast shop assistant that I wanted that Hedgehog.... pardon..... 30mins later a dismantled window display I walked proudly down the rue with Hedgehog in starry bag. She promptly named him Mark and I hope he sits next to her full size stuffed tiger... Happy Birthday Sophie.


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