26/12/09: Boxing Day Bike Bits Searching

L1010274b.JPGL1010262b.JPGL1010266b.JPGL1010270b.JPGL1010271b.JPGL1010272b.JPGL1010245b.JPGL1010246b.JPGL1010250b.JPGL1010242b.JPGL1010253b.JPGL1010259b.JPG Went searching for the closest Bike Garage that had dealings with with bikes that I like from the inlaws were I am currently staying for the holiday period. At Motor Garage Goods Osaka Itami(http://www.mggoods.com/aaa/menu/menu.htm) there were a lot of Japanese SR400's custom bobbers a few trackers and some exceptional bits and pieces in storage. Hideki who showed me around was really open and I disturbed them busy cleaning for the holiday period that everyone also does at this time of year.


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