22/09/10: FLASH ON WEEK

land1 MAINGATE.jpg
land2  exhibitionspace_1.jpg
land3 FLASH ON WEEK'10 E1. 153.jpg
land4  FLASH ON WEEK'10.E1 133.jpg
land5 eley-kishimoto-flash-on-week-exhibition-recap-7.jpg
land6 eley-kishimoto-flash-on-week-exhibition-recap-8.jpg
FLASH2 ON WEEK'10.P 207.jpg
FLASH1 ON WEEK'10.P 169.jpg
FLASH3 ON WEEK'10.P 212.jpg
FLASH5 ON WEEK'10.P 290.jpg
FLASH4 ON WEEK'10.P 305.jpg
FLASH6 ON WEEK'10.P 017.jpg
land8 eley-kishimoto-flash-on-week-exhibition-recap-13.jpg
land9 ON WEEK'10.P 251.jpg

Private view pictures...what a great night, thanks to everyone involved and who attended. Exhibition stills in PROJECTS section of website soon...


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