The Old/New Testament

Eley Kishimoto - Tokyo Exhibition

29.10.08 By Invitation Only
30.10.08 - 9.11.08 Open To The Public

Exhibition Open Daily
30.10.08 - 8.10.08 11am - 7pm
9.10.08 11am - 6pm

Hanae Mori Bldg.
Exhibition Shop Ground Floor
Exhibition Entrance 2nd Floor
6-1 Kitaaoyama

Nearest Metro: Omotesando

Download the Japanese flyer (PDF)

The past and the present will be witnessed, and the future will be classified in this seminal exhibition.

The concept is based upon the 'brand bible', a graphic product that has been designed to illustrate and define Eley Kishimoto.

The collection will contrast to the environment; the branding forms a secure and stable foundation for the ever evolving product.
This will enable the observer to understand our future with clarity.

The focus of the exhibition will be the brand bible and its principles, which will be echoed throughout the exhibition.
The past will be illustrated by archive print boards, catwalk shows, video display and collaboration films.
Iconic 'Flash' past and present collaborations and products.
All mainline and current collections SS09.
Interiors and projects display.
Exhibition shop.

Download the press release (PDF) in English and Japanese


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