BMW R 1200 R Eley Kishimoto Special Edition

BMW Motorrad

BMW France has a long tradition of associating Art with the brand since 1976 when it started Artcars. This collaborative approach has brought in artists such as Calder, Stella, Lichtenstein, Warhol and more recently Jeff Koons who designed an endurance racing M3 GT2 for the 24 Hours Le Mans 2010 race.

Following the success of these ventures, BMW Motorrad France decided to start a similar association between art and BMW motorcycles but in a slightly different way: no Artbike per se but a collaboration with people in love with the motorcycle and coming from a different scene.

This led to the collaboration with Eley Kishimoto. “Mark is a true motorcycle enthusiast,” says Sébastien Lorentz of BMW Motorrad “and we all love his work with Flash on different kinds of objects/surfaces. The Flash motif is beautifully applied to the tank and side covers and is a great enhancement to the R 1200 R body.” To give this BMW roadster an even more cool and dynamic appearance it was also pimped with BMW Motorrad genuine accessories for a more exclusive style.

Sébastien Lorentz: “For the moment there is no plan to manufacture this model, however if there is a demand we could produce in France a limited batch of this special R 1200R X Eley Kishimoto.”