Eley Kishimoto - Orlebar Brown collaboration


Eley Kishimoto presents London FLASH ON WEEK

Living by the maxim ‘Print The World’ Eley Kishimoto have, since the early 1990’s, strived to create work that exhibits a clear intention, simply executed, with a unique creative flair that rejects passing trends and fads.

The company’s renown, though garnered initially for their fashion collections has always been very much associated with their freedom to decorate anything and everything. It is this print design aesthetic that is key to their works’ identity.

Thus following rapidly on the hemline of these collections came a steady stream of ever more varied design product. Wallpapers, furniture, furnishing fabrics, glassware and crockery led on to more industrial based design work in the automotive, architectural and electronics worlds, whilst also collaborating with individual artists and galleries. The company sees each new design challenge as a platform from which to communicate with a wider, more varied audience.

It is as a direct result of this expansive vision and a desire to contextualize their work within the world of design that has led to the instigation of the Eley Kishimoto FLASH ON WEEK.

Using their signature ‘Flash’ print as the point of convergence Eley Kishimoto has collaborated with Incase, Duvel, BMW Motorrad, Noble Macmillan, Cinelli in association with the Bicycle Film Festival London and Orlebar Brown to produce several uniquely branded products, each item having been given the inimitable Eley Kishimoto makeover treatment to further enhance the inherent appeal of the original product.

In association with London Fashion Week, the London Design Festival and the Anti Design Festival, EK’s LONDON FLASH ON WEEK is yet another intriguing twist in the continuing story of those shapeshifters of the print world, Eley Kishimoto.