01/10/06: B.B. Warr Sunglasses

We just managed to be party to a party of Japanese Bar and Club owners on a trip to Ibizia As part of their goody bag they will find these glasses from our Gumball and Menswear performances, there were only 100 produced so looking forward to spotting anyone sporting them.

01/10/06: Moving In Smithfield House


This is the first component to move in the Showroom. Richard and Liliana with Rocky installing the George and Dragon Bar.

01/10/06: harrimansteel's Lamp Shade

The solution to light the space was resolved by the inspiration of harrimansteele’s office lampshades. They have been using our fabric and making oversize shades for their workstations.

01/10/06: Kitchen and Bathroom


The kithchen and the bathroom coming along with the help of Henry and Dean.

01/10/06: Lampshade Tower

We utilised all the fabrics from the new season and visited Caroline and Brian in Mitcham who managed to make 20 shades in afew days. The end result was perfect, it is rewarding seeing a new product materialise for a purpose.

01/10/06: Fashion Welding


Preparing the tables for Michelle at Maison Berteaux the the launch of "Shop at Maison Berteaux" The tables were based upon a few tables that currently exist there that were donated from a local card club that was closing down. Normally the finishing touches to fashion week are putting on buttons this week already seems different.

01/10/06: First Visitors to the Bar

On Sunday the night before we open we had our first visitors to the bar. Sybille, Vanessa and Robert.

01/10/06: Back at the Studio

At 11.30 the night before we move in Wakako, Darren, Chloe and Fiona were all racing around finishing the Drawing Boards all fueled by multiple cans of the free supplied RedBull.

01/10/06: Naoki Super Tech

Naoki at home setting up the computer for the cinema in the process enjoying Spy Kids 3 with Tom in the kitchen cinema.

01/10/06: Sunday Sunday

One day to finish. Driving a White Van in London with other boys/men is quite funny. Models in cars on the same roads.

01/10/06: Alternative Fashion Work

More and more as we get closer to the opening the showroom I am wondering this kind of work is it fashion. We have Henry and Dean finishing the Maison Berteaux tables in the yard, a vital trip to B & Q luckily open on Sunday and the perfect colour ICE STORM satin emulsion for the projection screen in the cinema.

01/10/06: Anina The Blog Queen

Anina instigated and assisted in launching this blog. This was the day before the launch and with the challenge that the building we were occupying which had no phone line, make it cyber. We purchased a N73 just for the web and a new sim card and off we go with a twist and a tweak within an hour of rushing around London we are up and Running. Super impressive. We now have a cinema and an online office to witness the launch of the website.

05/10/06: Has anyone seen this coconut?

Coco the Coconut went missing from the Eley Kishimoto sales showroom in London two weeks ago. If anyone has any information concerning his whereabouts please get in contact asap.

06/10/06: Coconut competition

coconut_number_01.jpgcoco_comp_2.jpgcoco_comp_3.jpgcoco_comp_4.jpgcoco_comp_5.jpg The winner of our "Missing Coconut" competition is Monsieur Coconut - mais bien sur!!

08/10/06: The day before


08/10/06: The next day

BIG-O-PIC.jpgCROC-PIC.jpgLACE-PIC.jpg We have a show room!

08/10/06: penguin's behaviour

Miura-sanandthepenguin.jpgpenguin-wiyh-a-girl.jpg Stop chatting up the ladies Mr.Penguin! Sorry Miura-san

08/10/06: Our old friends

DAVID.jpgJENNY.jpgNU-NU.jpg David, Jenny, and Nu-Nu

08/10/06: To Liliana

liliana.jpgGRACE-THE-GRAPEFRUIT.jpg Belated happy birthday for the 27th Septemer

08/10/06: At the bar

Darren-at-the-bar.jpgWak-at-the-bar.jpg Darren! Iknow you are keen to serve but this wine bottle is half the size of me!!

08/10/06: The black magic moment

THE-2-IN-THE-DARK.jpgMARK-IN-THE-DARK.jpg But you know they don't always bring you chocolates

08/10/06: Shady buddies

shady-Fiona.jpgshady-coconut.jpgEK14.jpg EK sunnies are elegantly sported by Fiona and Coco the coconut in our Paris showroom. Who stole a red pair in London? Shame on you!

08/10/06: Warning!!

shrinks%21.jpggrows%21.jpg But very economical. You only need to buy one dress between a mum and a daughter!

08/10/06: Honey, I shrunk the....

not-as-much-as-f.p.jpgSUBCULTURE-CLOTHING.jpg And FP keeps its cool by pushing the limit of subculture unisex clothing for the household of Thumbelina and Gulliver

13/10/06: Construction

Without the help of Jason, Kim, Henry and Dean we would of been way behind in London before opening. Dean and Henry having the first Champagne at 5am.

18/10/06: Lilana, The Iceman and Kyoko

London Showroom first morning ice delivery and our fit model Kyoko.

18/10/06: Finishing Maison Berteaux

Monday afternoon before opening only an hour to go before everyone arrives and no panic in the air. Getting news it is going to be busy from the press office.

18/10/06: Shop at Maison Berteaux Opening Evening

Friends wishing us well and eating cake at the opening. It was funny that this fashion crowd was gorging themselves on cake and champagne wanting more in comparison to what the papers were saying "Thin Fashion". Maison Berteaux makes the worlds best Eclairs I have been using upstairs as my office for over 15 years and Michelle made our wedding cake in 92. It is fitting that we are with Max and Pippa all together in this location. The only part missing is the butlers bell and the frosting on the window for Winter.

18/10/06: More SaMB Opening Pics

The sponsored 13 year Vintage Appleton Rum started flowing after the champagne run out and cakes still kept coming up until midnight. We are lucky to have a cab office in our hallway so carriages were on hand for the people who wanted to go home. Most people rolled accross the road to Soho House where we had an after party with Nervous Stephen and Max n Pippa playing their vinyl.

18/10/06: After Shop Opening Party Soho House

Sergio and Nuno, Robin, Julia and Yorgo, Nervous Stephen and his steam organ music, The Brighton lot off home.

18/10/06: After After Party at Smithfield House

The regular Motley Crue carrying on and on, the penguin makes an outing David, newcomer Carmen and Henry amoungst other who would rather not be photographed.

18/10/06: Showroom Days

Kyoko and Laura at the Bar Henry and Rich in the Workshop.

19/10/06: Jason Rhodes

Jason-Rhodes.jpg Long Live Jason Rhodes. It is unfortunate that the world has lost the creations and actions of Jason. He was a true motivator and will always be present in any action that may take place in my creation. The day that he died I was provoked to do exactly what I wanted with no compromise in the form of presentation. We have now completed a majority of the performance and the outcome has been a very personal exploration of something unexpected in fashion terms.

19/10/06: The George and Dragon Rum Ba Night

A night was offered by Richard and Lili at The Real George and Dragon to serve our Rum Ba Cocktails and get Code Zero to DJ. The event of the night was the appearance of Jasons Van with his Syrup. This van is only one of two in the country and it has been a mystery as it has been discussed but never materialised for over 5 years. So we put it on our activity poster to get to see it. The Syrup was in a tin rather on his head this time. The tunes was well received and the DJ was asked back.

19/10/06: Juliet's Foot

Out of the blue I was contacted by Juliet an old friend, fit model who worked with us many moons ago. She is working with Gemma at milc photographic www.milc.co.uk. Within the conversation I asked about her tatoos as the last time I saw her she was embarking to cover her body with roses of sorts. This is a photograph that she sent through, nice suprise.

19/10/06: The Barmaid Fuel Girls

Richie did a one way swap The Fuel Girls to be our Barmaids for the evening and a PA system for the showroom which didn't arrive to style these girls to improve their market. Challenge On.

19/10/06: Showroom Afternoon

David, dean and Henry with a sign that does not stick and Bruno and Roberta from Spree in Paris in a buying appointment.

19/10/06: Sybille Trying Things On

Sybille over the last few days really got into the clothes literally. She is opening a yoga workshop next door and tried to convince me to join. I said no but she said all you need to is breath not that difficult but still couldn't do it.

20/10/06: Gregorio Popped In

Gregorio was walking past off to the Barbican to go and see some hardcore Gay Art movies as normal and we bumped into to each other and popped in. We initially met through Enrico David years ago at that time his specialism was taking close up photographs of arseholes. His most famous I think still hangs in Lee McQueen’s house.

20/10/06: The Cinema

Day Three of the London Showroom. This evening I was acting as the security guard of the building and we got the cinema up and running. To keep me company John and Jason dropped by and we watched the Warriors and Breathless. One of the better evenings of the week no stress of the past two evenings good and calm.

20/10/06: Hedgehog Competition

The Hedgehog Competition in full swing people grouped together for combined efforts and solo efforts were strong. A great deal of cheating was witnessed earlier on, the time limit of half an hour was met and competition completeed. Possibly this was the Highlight of London Fashion Week.

20/10/06: Canapes For Thursday Performances

Darren, Lili and John preparing the canapes for the random performances happening later on in the afternoon. Hula Hoops stuffed with cheese and Guacamole, mmm??
Who's idea was to put them in the fridge, the penguin's?? Day Four.

20/10/06: The Competition

In the heat of the moment I didn't manage to get all entrants documented but here are a few.

20/10/06: The Penguin Judge

Wakako won the competition unfortunately no photos. It was all a bit too heated for the Penguin and the fridge was the only place he could hang.

23/10/06: Kat, Lili, and the Missing Hedgehog

Kat Thursday Bar shift with Nuno and Lili organising the G & D Bar. This is the hedgehog which is still missing no trace still even though wanted posters pasted everywhere. A friend was found in an Astrology Equipment Shop in Paris more of that later.

23/10/06: Elias and Child Wedding Dress

Elias popped in and saids hello. Elias was the Curator of HAIRYWOOD exhibition at the Archietects Foundation. We won the covetedYellow Pencil last March and now we have just been shortlisted for another award for the build.

23/10/06: Shopping For Tranny's

I was sent out shopping by Johnny Woo just before their Campo Cruz performance. Straight to the DIY shop for tools. Quite Funny.

23/10/06: Campo Cruz Performance

Campo Cruz is a new performance created by Johnny Woo and Richardette, they used this opportunity to actually have a dress rehearsal but as the show progressed they got very in to it and what the outcome was a full blown new take on the actual performance itself. Very site specific. Thank You both.

23/10/06: Daniel On The Stairs Piano

Daniel was commissioned to compose a piece on the Stairs Piano a piano that we couldn't move upstairs stored on it's side. With a few selected tools from the workshop he was off. We had the opportunity to hear two pieces both very impressive in light of the circumstance. I will post a film of the dramatic second performance once I work out how to.

23/10/06: Tomomi's Gallery

tomomi-gallery.jpg Private Viewing of Tomomi's Gallery. A selection of works produced in the studio over the last 6 months. Tomomi actually feels like an artist in residence at the studio producing a prolific body of work that represents the studio's daily activities and an appreciation of the people that are active within the studio.

23/10/06: Wak in The Workshop

There was a rule which was broken quite quickly that only Men were allowed into the workshop.

24/10/06: Workshop Men

Henry, Dean, John and Rich just a few of the merry band from the workshop. This is a lead on from the Gypsy Boys Club that was formed back in June this year with a membership of 16 men as it stands next meeting to be announced.

24/10/06: Mark and Nathalie

Mark-and-Nat.jpg This is Nathalie and i in the workshop, rules being broken which I'm quite happy about when it comes to Nathalie. A true inspiration in numerous ways.

24/10/06: Bar In Full Swing

After Thursday Evenings impromptu performances, happenings etc we witnessed the bar in full operational mode. Healthily supplied with Appleton Rum Ba, Stormhoek and some archietectural moonshine, Nuno is unfortunaterly missing from these photos but was the official Barman. His nature behind the bar is amazing the most rudest, abrupt and unhelpfull person possible. He drank too much too early complained about the distance of the fridge from the bar and then left us to our own devices. We love Nuno. Thanks also to Kat who kept up with him. Does anyone knowwho these guys were with they seemed quite at home.

24/10/06: Late Night Newcomers.

Joe turned up as usual very late with about twelve friends and some band members of Far From Dance. They managed to enjoy a few hours until they were ill by drinking the last of wine and we sent them on their way.

27/10/06: The Weekend after London fashion Week

Regis Franc and Sophie Calle had an appointment with us on Sunday mainly for Wak and Sophie to meet for work. We visited the dismantled showroom and then went for Dim Sum where Regis's wife and his two kids joined. It was like Paris had started early this saeson. Sophie is representing France for the Venice Bienale in June.

27/10/06: Darren's Leaving

Darren.jpg This is Darren's last night with us. He is moving on to bigger and brighter things even though his bread went mouldy. Tonight he was wearing Vintage Dior sunglasses, Vintage Disney batwing T and Eley Kishimoto head scarf all models own. Bye Darren we will certainly miss your creative looks that you manage to pull together each day. XX

27/10/06: Our New Sales Mangeress

Fi-Fi.jpg Darren was feeling a little lonely so I thought I would post a friend this is Fi our new Sales Manageress.

27/10/06: Chiliana Plant

Liliana the other Sales Manageress who works with Fi hiding behind her Chiliana plant that was a gift for her Birthday.