04/10/09: Flash Seen


A happy accident again, a young fan rocking an Eastpak Eley Kishimoto The One Bag walked passed the gallery by chance with her Dad and was admiring our confectionery display in the window and then realised it was the same company as the bag she was wearing. Happily we invited her in and sent her off with a white flash pin and a look book after having a good look at the work in the gallery. Nice

13/10/09: Flash Seen

Picture 77n.png

Picking Up Pace.

01/10/09: Prctice

L1000185.JPGL1000190.JPGL1000172.JPG Paris Soiree with cat


FABRIC 3.JPGFABRIC 4.JPGFABRIC 1.JPG The collapse of our print archive has left the studio flooded with fabric.

31/10/09: messto

mesto (28).jpgmesto (44).jpgmesto (15).jpgmesto (22).jpgmesto (82).jpgmesto (34).jpgmesto (31).jpgmesto (73).jpgmesto (50).jpg Nastya's warm creation, a boutique with an illegal tea shop come community centre with food kind of space. Russian Folk music in the background, good homemade pasta, tea in pretty ceramics, clothes for boys and girls from Russian made contemporary/traditional and a few European designers in the mix. Nice to meet in Moscow.

26/10/09: moscow

L1000396.JPGIMG_0776.JPGIMG_0760.JPGIMG_0756.JPGIMG_0763.JPGIMG_0772.JPG Invited by the British Council to play a Creative City Game with local creatives, archietects town planners, public, goverment officials and designers to name but a few choreographed by Theory and Practice Group headed by Danil and Askar. Met many new friends was very inspired and generally had a nice time.


L1000384.JPGL1000383.JPGL1000384_2.JPG Longtime friend and collaborator, we exhibited together in a Brixton Squat Gallery in 1991 so happy to see him happy x

30/10/09: Barbara Hulanicki

L00504.JPGL1000511.JPGL1000513.JPGL1000527.JPGL1000529.JPGL1000528.JPG I had the pleasure to meet Barbara Hulanicki of BIBA fame twice in one week once in Herriot Watt University Galashiels where I was invited to be in conversation with her in the lecture theater and also the following day in Brighton where she was doing the same but this time in conversation with Molly Parkin. Our work has many similarities actually I learned that there was a lot more than I originally thought, it was fascinating to feel that our pathway within the world of fashion must have been influenced somehow by Babara and Fitz's love for each other and work ethic.

03/10/09: Paris Nuit Blanche

L1000225.JPG L1000232.JPGL1000233.JPGL1000234.JPGL1000235.JPGL1000249.JPGL1000245.JPGL1000246.JPGL1000247.JPG During S/S fashion weeks it always falls inside Paris Nuit Blanche evening where all the galleries, theaters, parks, public spaces and historical places of interest opening themselves all night till dawn and host artists to perform installations for free public viewing. It is always an amazing night where people are walking the streets early hours in the morning looking for their next art and culture fix. Lukily Yuni and had passes kindly donated by the organisers so we could be the queues and pack quite a lot in. Sylvie Fluerie in Notre Dam, Dan Quayle in Chatalet Theater, Espace Blank, Mark Wallinger in St Suplice and much more getting around on my motorbike also beating the traffic.

13/10/09: Frieze pieces that caught my Eye

L1000352b.JPGL1000347b.JPGL1000349b.JPGL1000348b.JPGL1000350b.JPGL1000375b.JPGL1000378b.JPGL1000376b.JPGL1000353b.JPG The No Sex No ME one was just for in your face blue on white, this next series won the best installation, catalogues, stand comment award, Terrance Koh, etc..