19/04/09: The House At.. Cannes First Visit Finished April 2009

L1000944.JPGL1000945.JPGL1000950.JPGL1010010.JPGL1010011.JPGL1010024.JPGL1010026.JPGL1010055.JPGL1010061.JPG We all went down to the House At Cannes which is another property to add to the House at business with Jason and test drove it for the first time before the launch in the forthcoming film festival where there are negotiations for Hollywood Domino Party, Hermes Lunch and the new Brad Pitt/Quentin Tarantino Film party currently going on. The Kids were happy to experience an try out the very cold Flash pool before all the stars had the chance.

05/04/09: Tomomi's Birthday

IMG_0362.JPGIMG_0358.JPGIMG_0374.JPG Bowling, Fizzy Drinks, Boys and Chocolate mmmm last days before the teen years kicks in..