01/11/06: ICED!

ICED%21.jpg Belated Halloween from Singapore. England need to catch up, they do know how to use their air-cons out there!

03/11/06: Random Meetings

On Darrens leaving party journey from bowling in Fitzroy Square to the Cock where Jerry was DJing we bumped into this sweet looking girls all mixed up and also in Cock we met Pete who won Big Brother.

03/11/06: Joe

Joe.jpg Joe my partner in crime in my Parisian apartment.

03/11/06: Paris Showroom

Diane Pernet, Sophie Calle, The Krons from Iceland a few visitors to the showroom and the start of the Drawing Board Wall.

04/11/06: Laurie Anderson

laurie.jpg I had the fortunate opportunity not only to witness a new laurieanderson.com>performance(diary reading, mixed so well with elotronic rythym and ambient sound) but actually get to meet her. A wonderfull introduction from Sophie, I am so bad when I am a little startstruck. I made a faux paix?? said I rember her from when I was very small. Then I actually shrivelled up and died. Then she said from inside and I had no answer but yes. I fancy making some eyear with Lou Reed, I reckon easy and nice.

04/11/06: TOM

Hat. Dorset Steam Fair
Pin Badge. Eley Kishimoto White
Wig. Singapore East Plaza
Tie. Joke Shop Clapham Junction
T-Shirt Harajuku Tokyo
Ring. Kudeata Bali

07/11/06: Nuit Blanche

One night during Paris Fashion Week was Nuit Blanche which is a night that Paris Institutions, Landmarks, Spaces, etc are given over to curated artists to make a work. I was lucky to be escorted by Christine Macel and then hooked up with Sophie and was taken around and introduced to it with insights. The streets were super busy and Joe and myself saw many sights throught the night and morning,

07/11/06: At the Zoo

We visited the Zoo to look at art and visited a friends Gallery stand, met up with Miguel from Mexico. Whilst we waited all to leave Fiona and Liliana had a go at this electronic kinetic piece.

08/11/06: Still At The Zoo

Instrament.jpg I had the chance to play this instrament at the next stand, The rods are glass you wet your fingers and caress a sound out of the metal plates through vibration. Just like making a wine glass sing. John Cage I was told had some connection. Amazing.

08/11/06: Nathalie and Jon's Party

It was a celebration of Nathalie and Jons wedding at Zandra's museum, it was such pleasure to meet with lots of friends from the relations Nathalie has set up. The cake was a huge pink cat by Frank, the finger food by Elaine and the Cava poured by Angel everything so right. In the photos: Sophie Ellis Bexter and Wak, Celia Birtwell, Wak and Gity Monsef, Keenan Duffy and Wak, Zandra Rhodes, Nathalie Gibson and Jessie, Angel and Wak, Zandra and I. We took along our new adopted child Aaron and a intoxicated beautifully funny Sachiko from Blaak.

09/11/06: Lili, Richard, Mark and Robin

At the end of all gallery days in Paris Lili and Fiona seem to always want to go and sit in Cafe Beaubourg for Dinner. Not sure why but it is big enough to accomodate our drop in friends througout the evening and always it works.

09/11/06: Paris John

I was introduced to (unsure of his name but I now know him as) Paris John. It was remarkable a French Scot who is profoundly found of fashion. He carried military photos of him in Zulu locations carried a military manouveur map of Italy and sported a Sporan. His main fashion tip was that he needed a specific pair of real silver shoes. We were both sporting white shoes which he was impressed by. John the Penguin, John the Scot just watch your tails your have a partner in crime or maybe a rival on the fashion Scot circuit.

14/11/06: Sophie's Birthday

This is Sophie’s Birthday Present. I found him on Rue de Rivoli in the window display of an astrological equipment shop perched between two huge telescopes. Looking like he was slightly lost in this cosmic place and feeling like I have found an alternative to coco the missing coconut I fell in love. On the Nuit Blanche night we walked past the shop with Sophie and Eve and I pointed him out, she fell in love with it as she collects stuffed animals, even though it wasn't a stuffed animal I made it my mission to present it to her on her Birthday as I have bad past record of presents on this particular day. I went and visited the shop with out my French Dictionary and tried to convince the bemused Telescope Enthusiast shop assistant that I wanted that Hedgehog.... pardon..... 30mins later a dismantled window display I walked proudly down the rue with Hedgehog in starry bag. She promptly named him Mark and I hope he sits next to her full size stuffed tiger... Happy Birthday Sophie.

14/11/06: Our Building Is Naked

Our building has been undraped of all its surrounding trees, before it had a green skirt all around pretty but damaging to the building. It is a shame there is no snow on the logs outside and we do not have an open fire inside, could of been very pre-christmas.

14/11/06: Dressing Eric Duyckaerts


I was asked by Christine Macel from the Pompidou to help style Eric for his films and performances that will take place in Venice in June. He visited London and we went shopping as well as adjusting pieces from our Men's collection. Eric, Ali and I raced around London trying to find suitable fitting and aesthetically correct items that said not much but something quiet. Four more outfits to complete the main component missing from the pics. Wakako has been party to Sophie Calles work for the same time so we are against each other Belgium and France.

17/11/06: Shoe Dancing


You must go and see Pippa's You Tube about our shoe arrival in The Shop at Maison Berteaux it's very funny. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNvGm7mxjyA
Seems like a micro trend above Wak at Darren's leaving sporting a flashy pair purchased new down Electric Avenue.

17/11/06: Print from the exhibition

Lifeblog posted image
Go look here

17/11/06: Post film trial

At the London showroom

17/11/06: Anina at the studio working the phones.

Lifeblog posted image
Trying to get Wak up and running with phone.

17/11/06: VIVA JESSIE!


I know that Mark has already put the pictures up from Natalie and Jon's party but I simply had to have you here Jessie (my blogging is on average 1 month behind). People say St. Martin's produces star students but look who is glowing most!

17/11/06: Naoki says we've swapped

Lifeblog posted image
Lifeblog posted image
I'll catch up

18/11/06: COBRASNAKE


18/11/06: COBRASNAKE

This is COBRASNAKE in Utah.

18/11/06: DAY 1 IN SINGAOORE


Invited to do a gala show for Singapore Fashion Week. Their clock work operation skill was amazing. got picked up from the airport, garments steamed and railed,outfits fitted, models numbered, shoes sorted, all ready to go for tomorrow by 6pm.



So, we were free from 6pm. Headed to town for a drink...well, it was so spookily quiet and empty everywhere. These koi carps probably were the only living souls we saw all night. Still, we managed to get quite tipsy...apparently, nobody goes out on Monday nights.

18/11/06: Rehearsal, hair and make up...


Rehearsal, hair and make up are well on time for tonight (remember, we are in Singapore). Just in case you are thinking we have a model with a dubious name, please note there is a space before the initial.



Chloe and I nipped out for a bowl of noodles in a hawker centre before our show as we knew the ice sculpture we were having for dinner wouldn't fill us up.

18/11/06: FRONT ROW


Popped in our stockist Front Row. Lovely shop and a bit of an oasis for the tired legs and eyes after seen all the big malls.The owner Anna and manager Chin.



Mia,a compulsive peace sign maker whenever a photo oppotunity.



And guess what, the coconut saga continues...Coco's relatives from the east are very clean shaven



Monsoon or not, Christmas is just around the corner. I take my hat off for keeping your cool in this heat, Mr.Santa and Mr.Snowman.



Antonia, Alvin, Furqan, Jonathan, Marcus. Thank you for looking after us. We had such fun with you guys. Hope to see you all soon.

18/11/06: PEACHES


Never thought that I would see the lady whose music kept our neighbours awake late at night at home in all places, Singapore. The lady with a charismatic performance on stage and colourful lyrics that you wouldn't want to share with your mother was in fact very polite, friendly and petit sweet fruit off stage.

18/11/06: GOOD NIGHT


Phew! It was a marathon blogging today. I gave myself a treat of a Saturday without fabric swatches and numerous files( love them dearly, but it was nice to be a slob for a day. Will be back on track tomorrow). Good night.


alvin.jpgchloe.jpggirls.jpg I have been told that you can't get any cooler than Alvin in Singapore, so cool that when he puts his two fingers up a cab arrives to take us to the best Chinese restaurant I ever dined at. Well, he was so warm to us...mind you, his new stand alone store on Devonshire Road is so cool you better wear a insulated coat when you walk in it.

20/11/06: Christmas Coming

This is a start to the most recent obsessions that I share with Naoki.

27/11/06: Lifeblog post - Video

Watch the video in this post!

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28/11/06: Furnishing Fabric

Allan-Williams.jpg At Pete and John's space with a run of our Tapestry furnishing fabric still wet on the table.

28/11/06: Halloween

Halloween was nearly a month ago I am not sure where time goes. Here are a few of my trick and treaters on the night. We danced to Yuni and Danilo's Goth Trip at the George and Dragon then went to David's party in Cafe Royal with Marjan, Sasha, Bjork, Nuno, Henry and jived the night away.

28/11/06: Diane In London

Diane.jpg I had the chance to meet Diane Pernet last week, collected her from Eurostar and went to the Iqons launch party. The following day we had the chance to meet again and I escorted her back to the station to return to Paris. It was nice to catch up sitting in Chinese Tea shop on Berwick Street made it feel quite french with people just stopping by and saying hello. It was good to see fellow traveller Yuni turn up on her birthday.

29/11/06: Sarah Stockbridge

Sarah.jpg Sarah has agreed to be our fit model for the new A/W collection a bit of a scoop. Laura our regular fit model unfortunately is now in full time employment. Funny what the playground at school can assist with as Sarah's daughter attends the same school as ours, on her first fitting she wanted to cut everything up as in the picture.