02/02/09: Snowing

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I have come from Tokyo and and it has been the worst snow for the last 8 years in London. Managed to go to Brick lane and Columbia market on the bike yesterday will not be going anywhere today. Had the chance to naively try out my printed mountain idea for the next extreme games in Canada I wish.......

02/02/09: Snowing Today

Frank Knows...

03/02/09: Welsh Broth (Cawl)

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Naoki and I made it to his school this morning through the snow only to get a call an hour later saying that only 10 students turned up and it was not worth keeping the school open so could he come back home. So I decided to do an Welsh Home Economics class via Skype Video and taught him how to cook my grandmothers Welsh Broth (Cawl). Recipe: Potatoes, Suede, Turnip, Parsnip, Carrot, Onion, Leek, Stewing Steak, Vegetable Stock. Put it all in a big Pan and cook for 90mins taking al starch from surface. Easy...

05/02/09: another little one with a big exhaust

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Super cute, super loud and super dangerous...

06/02/09: www.eastpak.com/eleykishimoto

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Here is the micro site for the collaboration that is currently out there with Eastpak and us. Its been a pleasure working with everyone from Eastpak their brand ethos is so strong and comes across very eloquently. The Flash product is very limited especially the black on black and gold on white... Go to the store which has our Flash Installation at the moment in Carnaby Street and soon we will be teaming up to party again after our fashion show on the 22nd on the 33rd floor at Centrepoint....

08/02/09: Northern Soul

If you have half an hour have a look at this. Always been significant ever since Nigel Graham and the Porthcawl Northern Soul Crew did their nights in the Esplanade 1993. All you need is a stamina, small towel, talc and a sprung dance floor and someone with the rare records.

09/02/09: Wakako's description of S/S 09 Little devils Collection after the show.

11/02/09: かに鍋(Kani Nabe)

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Jenny and Valerie from Daily Rubbish Newspaper came along to the studio on Monday for an article Dish Of The Day. I cocked かに鍋(Kani Nabe) and finished off with rice porridge for all the studio all fourteen of them.

11/02/09: Our After Show Party View 22nd February

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We have the pleasure to announce our after show party in the Paramount Centre Point London where we are celebrating our new collection and the healthy relationship that we have with Eastpak.

12/02/09: http://gzzglz.com/

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I have been following ZEVS work for several years since first meeting at Galerie Patricia Dorfmann in Paris who represents him and where we have showed our collections for the past 7 years. After the shadow pieces I have recited the story about the Visual Kidnapping of the Lavazza women to many people, now you can see the rest of the work at the site above.

14/02/09: Ms Miura's porsche

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Mr Hasegawa sold the Mini and there was a discussion about Ms Miura wanting a Porsche so I roped Jason in for some research and here are a few Outlaws.

14/02/09: pretty chair

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A little finger could lift this chair. Designed by recent Italian graduate Paolo Cappello, the IRI chair is so pared down it is better described as a stool with a handle. care of icon

17/02/09: I found this

Whilst checking our work on you tube I found this, seems a long time ago now but nice to remember..

17/02/09: First E< Sound Monogram

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Daniel Pembertons first sketches for our Sound Monogram.

18/02/09: Days Documented running up to show 1

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more to follow

18/02/09: Days Documented running up to show 2

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21/02/09: John made me look at the Penguin's Major performance

Method Penguin

25/02/09: Backstage at the Show in London last Sunday

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Some of my personal photographs of the what was going on backstage at our show on Sunday.