IMG_0609.JPGIMG_0600.JPGIMG_0610.JPGIMG_0612.JPGIMG_0613.JPGIMG_0614.JPG Daniel invited us to go to Abeey Road Studios to watch and of course listen to his final recordings of the music he is doing for the current tv series on BBC2 Desperate Romantics. It was a privilege to visit Studio 1 to witness the room that has heard so many important tunes and also to see Daniel work an Orchestra.

03/08/09: SUNDAY

IMG_0621.JPGIMG_0622.JPGIMG_0623.JPGIMG_0624.JPGIMG_0625.JPGIMG_0626.JPGIMG_0628.JPGIMG_0629.JPGIMG_0630.JPG On Sunday as we were doing the normal Sunday Visit to Peter Jones for something or other in Kings Road we dropped by the Saatchi Gallery to see what was on and found a really good spiral staircase and some out of proportion Koreans.

04/08/09: MY Life In Cardboard

IMG_0631.JPGIMG_0633.JPGIMG_0634.JPG It is distribution time and all we witness is the constant flow of cardboard boxes in and out from all over the world.

04/08/09: Flash seen


A good one today that was forwarded, a picture of Daphne from Jalouse Paris taken by herself from Karta with full summer biking outfit. Nice. Also this is CJ rocking a spiderman customised flash black on black Eastpak with amazing arms yet to be finished at Frith Street Tattoo.

06/08/09: Yorgo Tloupas Inventor of Bike Polo

IMG_0636.JPGIMG_0637.JPGIMG_0641.JPG I heard there is a T-Shirt out that we all can get to consolidate this statement.

06/08/09: Nick Ashley

IMG_0643.JPGIMG_0645.JPGIMG_0643.JPG Nick dropped by the Studio yesterday to talk about the possibilities of a new project. We had a great insight to his Mother and Father and what they established in the 60's and also a great deal about bikes. Here his made to measure 62 Triumph all stripped and tucked managed to take it out around Notting Hill yesterday and it felt nice. Built by Steve McQueens best friend.

07/08/09: Flash Seen

Mai.jpg Received this from Mai Ikuzawa(RACING DRIVER)yesterday its a kind of Mash up of the last posts as she is sitting on Nicks bike and Top and Bag combo. Nice.

08/08/09: Sideburn

IMG_0649.JPGIMG_0652.JPGIMG_0650.JPG On Friday had the pleasure to meet the team from Sideburn Magazine, they set up shop in a bar in Exmouth Market and throughout the afternoon had people drop by to say hello catch up brainstorm etc. The magazine/blog picking up dramatic speed and looking to take the world by storm, had a sneak preview of issue No.4 which looks strong again and maybe some kind of tie up in the future, who knows??

10/08/09: Flash Seen

Jerome.png looks like Jerome had a party with Intersection in Paris and found this picture with him and a friend with Flash Belvedere.

17/08/09: We Went To Wales

L1020039.JPGL1020049.JPGL1020055.JPGL1020053.JPGL1020063.JPGL1020064.JPG 4 Days in West Wales Sea, Sand, Wind, Rain, Sun and Sky.

28/08/09: Invited by the trustfun girls to dj in singapore

IMG_0661.JPGIMG_0662.JPGIMG_0663.JPG Camera Problems....