01/09/06: Smithfield House

This is where we are exhibiting our New Collection and holding various other activities during London Fashion Week 18th-22nd September.

03/09/06: Henry The Host

Henry at the top of the Big Wheel with the wind and rain beating down. We stayed in Henry's parents cottage which was totally idyllic just across the field from the Fair.

04/09/06: Tomomi and Wakako's Festival Attire


On the weekend on the spur of the moment we drove to Dorset near Shaftesbury to visit the Dorset Steam Fair. This is the two looks from the rainy Day-Tomomi and The Sunny Day-Wakako.

04/09/06: Tansport, Power and Haulage


In the Steam Fair there was an amazing array of transportation on show ranging from Steam Engines, Motor Bikes to Heavey Haulage Vehicles. All very impressive and the atmosphere was thick of smoke from the real coal engines, all very nostalgic.

04/09/06: Wall of Death and the Rotor


Two of the most impressive fairground attractions.

07/09/06: Rock n Roll Rich's Pics


Richard Clark was with with us in Dorset and we spoke of his photos and these are few he sent through. Rich may have a stall in our showroom space selling his collectables.

09/09/06: Wakako and Kumi Working on Style Shoot


Preparing Style book for sales and also to see the whole collection on for the first time.

09/09/06: First View of S/S 07


Two outfits from the shoot today. The collection is to be called "Back To The Drawing Board".

10/09/06: Shop at Maison Berteaux


These are the cake boxes just completed for the packaging at the new "Shop at Maison Berteaux" which will open 18th September. It is a three way collaboration working with Michelle from Maison Berteaux the oldest patisserie in London, Max and Pippa from boutique "The World According Too.." and ourselves. It will be a follow on from the Archive Store idea which is currently still in Athens, stocking all the many key items from the last four collections and a sprinkling of the new season. We are all very excited about the idea of joining forces and it will evolve as we learn what to do and how we wish the shared customers to enjoy the combined experience of fashion and cakes. We have invited Jean from APC to contribute key pieces such as his Jeans and maybe other items. There will also be Sonja Rikyel jewellery. The opening night we will serve Champagne and ├ęclairs on 18th September between 6-9pm. 27 Greek Street London W1.

10/09/06: Tom Faxing

Tomomi faxing show information. She was desparate to fax the info out so it is not child labour.

11/09/06: Open Evening 18.09.06


Please join us at Maison Berteaux for Cakes, Clothes and Champagne.

19/09/06: Store Opening

Shop at Maison Bertaux OpeningShop at Maison Bertaux OpeningShop at Maison Bertaux OpeningShop at Maison Bertaux OpeningShop at Maison Bertaux OpeningShop at Maison Bertaux OpeningShop at Maison Bertaux Opening
The launch was a total success. The place was packed full of people talking.

21/09/06: Today at Smithfield House

Drinks and happenings between 4pm and 8pm. Please join us.

This weeks activities will appear in full on the site next week. We have slipped behind because we have been very very busy!

26/09/06: Please Forgive Me

It was all planned to upload, enter and comment, but my dear its busy. I have to learn how to add proliferate and progress

Updates as soon as.