01/12/09: Korean Fashion Design Competition Judging

L1000725b.JPGL1000730b.JPGL1000736b.JPGL1000742b.JPGL1000755b.JPGL1000762b.JPGL1000797b.JPGL1000800b.JPGL1000804b.JPG I was invited to judge the 27th Korean Fashion Design Contest in Seoul by Doii and Ines's extended invitation for the Korean Fashion Association. I was treated incredibly well with everything and was nice to witness Seoul and its young fashion creators. There is very much in evidence great effort to push and support its domestic young creatives and surely the result of this will be seen globally in the next 4-5 years.

01/12/09: Doii Paris

L1000789b.JPGL1000784b.JPGL1000786b.JPG Had Lunch with Doii and visited her new store/office in Seoul. Her work is full on.

03/12/09: 7 TO 11 CHAPAGNE AND CUP NOODLE hong Kong

L1000995C.JPGL1000995C.JPGL1000995C.JPG Witnessed these very chic locals enjoying their instant cup noodles with a glass of champagne in the local 7 to 11 at 4am in the morning as i was getting my milk. It seems that these stores in Hong Kong become impromptu bars and restaurants if customers wish, nice.

05/12/09: HONG KONG (CRAB)

L1000835C.JPGL1000870C.JPGL1000871C.JPGL1000889C.JPGL1000886C.JPGL1000963C.JPGL1000950C.JPGL1000869C.JPGL1000825C.JPG Dilys's earlier invitation or Shanghai Crab season tempted me to visit. Snanghai Hairy Crab was the mission and mission acomplished

06/12/09: SHEGURU BAN

L1000912C.JPGL1000911C.JPGL1000908C.JPGL1000909C.JPGL1000907C.JPGL1000906C.JPGL1000910C.JPGL1030441.jpgL1000910C.JPG I was invited to the dinner of the launch of the Hong Kong Archietectural Bienale luckily and in true schoolboy adoration met Sheguru Ban who was also at the dinner. Here is the pavilion designed with the ingenious cardboard tubes and models of alternative possibilities.


IMG_0883.JPGIMG_0884.JPGIMG_0882.JPG Driving past a workshop with a light on at night and interesting characters busying themselves with welding equipment made me want to visit. Upon an introduction from Henry who's workshop is in the same yard found out we have a frame builder. Really nice set up hardcore BMX frames being built from scratch. Fancy a flash one with David Death Spray Custom doing the paint.

13/12/09: dovecote studios

IMG_0867.JPGIMG_0869.JPGIMG_0870.JPGIMG_0839.JPGIMG_0840.JPGIMG_0841.JPG Future Education project. A beautiful tapestry weaving studio one of only a handful in the world producing commissioned and private work by four weavers who are lucky enough to have a full time job there. It is a converted Victorian swimming pool with an exhibition space and studios to die for above.

18/12/09: PLAYBAND

Picture 115.pngL1010017.JPGL1010018.JPGL1010020.JPGL1010023.JPGL1010022.JPG In the studio getting it together for the first gig on the 21st January people ask what the band is about well they are called PLAYBAND and it is defined as Left Rock. Dai Jobu launch Night announced shortly. Watch out world and also your ears....

22/12/09: hakone

L1010097b.JPGL1010087b.JPGL1010093b.JPGL1010109b.JPGL1010143b.JPGL1010161b.JPGL1010151b.JPGL1010128b.JPGL1010124b.JPG On our annual mission with our business partners from Tokyo Mach 55(Ms Miura and Mr Hasegawa) we set off this year to Hakone to go for Onsen(Hot Spring Baths). On arrival we set straight off as it was clear further up the mountains to catch a glimpse of Mount Fuji in all its clear glory, the Wine Onsen rung a chord with my Tokyo night hangover. The most amazing experience this year was listening to the earth groan, every so often there would be thunderous booms coming from the mountains as if they were warning of some impending doom. The onsen was beautiful all prepared for the forthcoming business year again..

23/12/09: dai Jobu Girly Painting inspiration

L1010191b.JPGL1010193b.JPGL1010192b.JPG Found these three beauties adorning a wall of a post war inspired restaurant that sold western food with a Japanese twist with lots of croning big band jazz in the background and big kettle on the oil stove.. Dai Jobu felt very at home here..

26/12/09: Boxing Day Bike Bits Searching

L1010274b.JPGL1010262b.JPGL1010266b.JPGL1010270b.JPGL1010271b.JPGL1010272b.JPGL1010245b.JPGL1010246b.JPGL1010250b.JPGL1010242b.JPGL1010253b.JPGL1010259b.JPG Went searching for the closest Bike Garage that had dealings with with bikes that I like from the inlaws were I am currently staying for the holiday period. At Motor Garage Goods Osaka Itami(http://www.mggoods.com/aaa/menu/menu.htm) there were a lot of Japanese SR400's custom bobbers a few trackers and some exceptional bits and pieces in storage. Hideki who showed me around was really open and I disturbed them busy cleaning for the holiday period that everyone also does at this time of year.