08/03/09: Was There, Done That and This. Paris Fashion Week

L1000823.JPGL1000823.JPGL1000823.JPG Here is Sophie and Camille in the Paris showroom trying things on and performing for us, I am sorry that I have not blogged for a while but a combination of being very busy, computer overloaded, losing passwords and a little bit of escapism but now I am back and will fill in the gaps and keep you updated with the present.

11/03/09: A New Friend Paris Fashion Week

L1000838.JPGL1000838.JPGL1000838.JPG James Murphy founder of DFA records and LCD sound system. We met I think late one night in the Le Baron went back to Dan Ross's suite in Hotel D'Amour and somehow got into a fight together and he ended up with a black eye which I only discovered the next night at the decks where he was playing for the Open Ceremony party and I with a broken knee. I think he was slightly proud of his eye, I was slightly embarrassed and my knee is still playing up to this day so if we have to have a winner I think he won. It was a pleasure to meet and his wife and play together the following days...