03/01/09: EbisuJinja

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A yearly necessity to go and thank the Merchant God at the Nishiyomiya Ebisu shrine for last years support and to look forwrad to the coming year sampling the stall food once done.

03/01/09: Ben Wilson added to my christmas wish list

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These are really clean and with just a little work they would be road worthy. Ben's a collaborator and fellow bike enthusiast please look at :

06/01/09: Dilys comes to London

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Dilys came to visit from Hong Kong on our first day back to work and we all went out as a studio and ended up at Liliana's George and Dragon playing oversized Jenga and the pictures were not far off from actually how all of us were seeing by the end of the night..

09/01/09: Yorgo Late Night viewing

Obviously missing our driving action... Please look at Flikr on the side bar to see what we got up to around the world. Yorgo Intersection Magazine

09/01/09: White Bird Its a Beautiful Day

I was lucky enough to find this album in a skip 19 years ago and it still rings a bell.....

10/01/09: old familiar

mmmile...lots of you tube recently

10/01/09: last one


12/01/09: Weekend in Paris

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Went to Paris for the weekend to close the apartment that we have been living in for the last year, quite sad for that reason. So Daniel Pemberton and Simon Buck came over to make it eventfull certainly laughed a lot amd people where questioning why. Met up with Diane at the opening of Walters first exhibition installation in a gallery on the same road as our new gallery for A/W 09/10 showroom. The light and the moon was amazing all weekend.

13/01/09: http://fifi-lapin.blogspot.com/

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I've realised for a while that we have a cute fluffy fan we were lucky to be given one of her portraits as a present a while back. Here are some of her recent choice outfits from her amazing wardrobe.

16/01/09: Korea

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Arrived in Seoul and it was -7 degrees and parted quicker than expected, just stayed one evening. Couldn't sleep had a sauna and scrub at the hotel at 5am and left to the airport in the snow. The atmosphere was as if I was in a film possibly the combination of the hot sauna, the cold outside, lack of sleep and early departure. In Korea you see the colour Turquoise everywhere. I have to go back in two weeks time for transit but now I go to Hong Kong to see friends for the weekend and a hotter climate.

18/01/09: Hong Kong

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By random chance after organising a last minute flight to Hong Kong I found out that Karta was arriving same terminal 15 min later so waited to say hello again in a foreign land and went into the city to enjoy with local friends. Thanks to Dilys for organising Hot Pot. Then I find myself on the plane again on to Singapore.

19/01/09: First Day Singapore

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Arrived on Monday morning straight to Lasalle College of Arts where I am a Visiting Chair to start a week long project and lectures for all the fashion students. I have been coming back and for here for the past five years and find it interesting what is happening in this area. Over 200 students to try and motivate and inspire to do independent work.

21/01/09: Lasalle and local eateries

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The building is amazing purpose built art school quite extreme,with the contrast of the local low-fi good food restaurants.

21/01/09: Alvin, Dita, Colin

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Alvin outside his Ambush Store Devonshire Road, a new pair of Midnight Express Dita's and Colin full of sausages and German beer.

19/01/09: 4 Day Project


You have until Friday to complete a delivery of work that will get you the job of your dreams. It is up to you whether you wish to concentrate on a particular company or you work towards a fictional institution.

The design Director that you wish to work alongside has asked for a package of work that is full of your personality and illustrates clearly your creative and conceptual flair. The body of work that you present in four days has to be thoroughly convincing and to the best of your ability acknowledging the time frame in hand. It enables the opportunity to inform and communicate your control of your creative process and the motivation to succeed.

The suggested format for the presentation is 6 A3 boards collating all information that can relate to their chosen concept, it has to have a link to fashion but I consider fashion to have a wide and varied voice currently.

I want the project to be individually provocative and push you to think out of your comfort zone and try and find inspiration through unusual and unexpected resources. The object of the exercise is to establish a tool or method in a very short intense space of time to inspire concept that can be full, healthy, informative, inspirational and personal.

The end product should be convincing, considered and that every choice is informed and can be backed up with a intelligent and coherent dialogue.

Skills that this project should stimulate.

Creative processing.
Time management.
Research formatting.
Narrative and Mood building.
Communication skills.
Colour, texture, fashion awareness.
Material analysis.
Alternative product assessment.
Finished conceptualisation prior to product development.
Self Management.
Personal marketing.

22/01/09: We Are Monogram

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It is officially out there from Today and also we are currently developing a sonic version with Daniel Pemberton.

23/01/09: A constant at the moment

23/01/09: Product spotting

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I couldn't believe it I was at lunch today in a random Japanese eating court and a guy rocked up wearing one of our Eastpak postal bags, I had to approach him as I thought they were not launched until Febuary and I was sure where in Singapore they were sold so I found it it was Chris who bought the only one from a shop called Felt. So they are out it was nice to see and yesterday to my surprise one of the staff at Lasalle Lucinder came walking in with one of my favorite pair of shoes from a past collection looking super sweet. There was also a journalist from the Strait Times Noelle who had a bunny bag but I was a bit too embarrassed to ask her for a photograph. It is always a pleasure to meet old work and see people enjoying it. Thanks to all....x

25/01/09: Roll, Lewis Leathers

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Pilgrimage to Roll the Lewis Leathers Haven in Sibuya/Ebisu Tokyo. Nice to say hello to the Dudes just hanging out on the Veranda on a Sunday morning....

24/01/09: Dipping in Singapore before my departure

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Another hotel guest maybe not thinking the same..

25/01/09: Cheeky Little Monkey

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Outside UPC on Sunday Morning spending spree..

29/01/09: Tokyo Nights

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Possibly one of the best bars I visited recently quite genius...

23/01/09: Edited Result of 4 Day project

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Earlier on I selected some work and discussed this work to the whole group as a statement of recognition, it was too difficult to analyse and have a dialogue with each and everyone but I hope that the conversation that we had was helpful. It was a pleasure to work with the group from year 2 at Lasalle.

23/01/09: Last Night in Singapore

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Headed out of the city on one of the longest cab rides to a night out I think I have done in Singapore even though it was only 20m. Met up with Alvin, Vicky, Lynne, Kim, Andrew and co in RAW laughed at a rescued cute duck, drunk a he and a she and felt very much at home.

18/01/09: Last Supper Hong Kong

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Before going to the airport Dilys invited me for lunch to sample best quality local specialties, this one was good but very daring before a long flight. It was all amazing...