Please excuse me for not updating my blog as effectively as I have done in the past, the main reason for this is that I cannot utilise my phone to blog any further with changes to our website and software applications etc. So I am attempting to go through more slow traditional routes of uploading then sending. The format is a little frenetic at the moment but it will settle once I have found a happy formular. I am slowly updating past edited activities as I catch up to more recent activities.

15/12/08: Summer Holidays

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I saw this on this and thought what a perfect mobile home for warmer climates, very cute. Want to get one and leave it in the South of France in Jason's new house that we have helped interior build and decorate with our printed matter. thehouse.com

16/12/08: THehoseat.. is opening soon

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Jason is nearly completing the next houseat.. dwelling. It is amazing an already attracting a great deal of attention. The pool turned out to be a bit of work but he battled on and made an amazing job. I have been promised that I am the first person to jump in the pool.
can't wait to see it in the flesh...

17/12/08: Shop at Maison Berteaux Closes

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It is quite a sad week this week. The shop at Maison Berteaux closes as from next Monday, it has been a pleasure to be part of this most beautiful fashion boutique experiment underneath the oldest patiserie in London. We bid farewell to Max and Pippa the Soho Basement Fashion Entrepreneurs but I am sure there will be something interesting happening soon with us all together again. For all of you that may have missed the experience the cake shop is still there and Michele and Tanja will still be up to their crazy antics as well as selling the best chocolate eclairs in the world. Adieu Madame

19/12/08: Antwerp

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I have been invited to Antwerp for our EK/Eastpak collaboration I have interviews about the collaboration and then this evening we have an exhibition and party opening. In the morning I managed to catch up with an old friend from fashion school days Grant Watson who is now one of the curators at the Museum of Modern Art there.


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EastPak Tour continued for a launch of the collaboration in Madrid. Had a day full of interviews and catching up with Nadia from Eastpak about future ideas. In the evening met up with an old friend Daniel Garcia who invited all his friends from Vanidad magazine and had a traditional Spanish dinner. I asked for Sangria and they all laughed at the tourist. We had an outrageous evening the Spanish certainly know how to stay up late we were in a bar with smart old age pensioners at 5am who still going strong. Thanks Danny.

19/12/08: Antwerp Photography Museum

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In between interviews and watching the space get ready for the party had the museum to myself.

19/12/08: Testing out Flash interactive

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We weren't sure if the music from Busy P and Hot Chip in the adjoining rooms would actually react well with the microphones sensitivity. It didn't so we quickly changed it to SHOWSTUDIOXELEY KISHIMOTOXNORBERT SCHOENER FLASH Animation instead.

19/12/08: Around Antwerp and the party

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Visited Walter's store we sell our collection, wandering around near where Grant lives, a guy carrying a rude Gnome and others.

19/12/08: The Exhibition and Launch of Flash Currency

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This is the first opportunity to start to speak about our experiment with currency. I have wanted to start a global currency for many years and this is the start and here are the first 1 Flash Note samples. More to follow......

21/12/08: Monjayaki

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On arrival in Tokyo Hasegawa and Miura took us to eat Okonomiyaki and introduced me to Monjayaki which even though it looks like what you would normally see when your ill was incredably tasty. A mixture of cabage, flour, egg, water, cheese, babystar, aonoori and bulldog sauce and mayonaise. mmmm Happy Christmas

22/12/08: Takashimaya Jewelrey Exhibition

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Our partners took us to Takishimaya to see the Eley Kishimoto jewelry fair which is on temporarily before New Year holidays and allegedly we are the top sellers to date..

23/12/08: On the way to Onsen

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Took the train from Tokyo Station to Atagawa in Izu. Every year we always visit an Onsen that Hasegawa researches that relates to our business year past and future, this tear was perfect by the sea to watch the sun rising.

24/12/08: Onsen

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Everything was perfect the food, the sea, the hotel, the massage the sleep on departure always feel one more day even though it may be excessive still would feel good. www.bousui.com

25/12/08: All I want for christmas is all of you

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Wanting to head to the hills ride by the sea whilst the sun is shining here in Kobe unfortunately have not managed to get a bike sorted out this side of the world yet. These would be nice...

27/12/08: Wooden Coaster

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Tomomi and Naoki helping me satisfy my desire to ride on wood as fast and high as possible. This one found near Kyoto at Hirakata Park.

28/12/08: Kiosk Style

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This is a one man business running a cigarette hole in the wall on a very quite street and attending to two kiosk machines. Five years on mmmm..