03/11/09: Éric Duyckaerts

Picture 83.pngPicture 83.pngPicture 83.png . This picture is taken from the cover of the current New Festival Catalogue of the Centre Pompidou Paris. We have styled and dressed Éric Duykaerts for the performance at the exhibition "Palais des Glaces et de la Découverte" at the Belgium Pavalion during last years Venice Bienale. We created a bespoke Suit with matching Shoes and Shirt and produced a editioned Bow Tie working with him. It was thanks to Christine Macel of the Pompidou who asked us to participate with this project.


Picture 84.png Picture 85.pngPicture 83b.png The first day in Moscow I participated in the Future City Game which was an all day workshop, this is the team and the sabotaged model, the model went missing and was presented on the last day and it came back a bit battered re-landscaped and a few colourful blobs added. It is our vision of the Flacon plot flattened, landscaped and a new building(Green Square) built by international architectural competition tender to create the most progressive green aspirational building in Russia. It is to be a cultural center for local and global communities. It is to be a magnet to all visitors to Moscow a cultural destination equal to Red Square. The local vicinity with this development will naturally regenerate with this focused development the infrastructure of local transport/ security/ and service facilities would be naturally improved. We lost and a local market won but it was fun playing with plasticine and making up new notions and political changes in a foreign and unfamiliar land. Russians as far as I know are not thinking green just yet and possibly there is an opportunity there.

04/11/09: Other Frieze pix

L1000351b.JPGL1000356b.JPGL1000367b.JPGL1000361b.JPGL1000365b.JPGL1000355bc.JPG Just a few other pieces that caught my imagination, I especially like the Crochet Pots The Loom in the crypt of the church and the Monkey on the Cross.

15/11/09: Shanghai Crab

Crab IMG_8304.jpgCrab IMG_8304.jpgCrab IMG_8304.jpg Dilys has invited me to Hong Kong because it is the right time to eat Shanghai Crab. Nice thought.


L1000606.JPGL1000631b.JPGL1000600b.JPGL1000602b.JPGL1000601b.JPGL1000598b.JPGL1000627b.JPGL1000599b.JPGL1000597.JPG Had the pleasure of being driven down to Red Max Speed Shop with David of deathspraycustom.com to drop off both my bikes to get fixed up for racing and exhibitions in the new year. On the way stopped off to have a sandwich in Heston Blumenthal's revamped Little Chef. Steve has a great passion and is a leading garage in the world of flat and street trackers.

18/11/09: Lewis Leathers X Effector

L1000652b.JPGL1000661b.JPGL1000650b.JPGL1000653b.JPGL1000655b.JPGL1000663b.JPGL1000664b.JPGL1000654b.JPGL1000656b.JPG I had the pleasure today of popping into to the basement at Derek's Lewis Leathers after a trainer meeting with Double Identity on the middle floor and say hello to our hair guy Mathew at Kinninmont on the 2nd floor all at 28 Chilworth St. Upon saying hello to Derek I spot some gasses and on closer inspection realise that they are an Effector collaboration with him, brilliant. Its the first time seeing Effector in London after rocking my blue pair bought in the Rugged Museum Tokyo and to hear they have just arrived only 5 pairs each and my order TBC is very Derek. He opens a new store just off Tottenham Court Road in December so a new central town hang out. Nice Race Suits and Boots amongst much more


L1000638b.JPGL1000639b.JPGL1000641b.JPGL1000643b.JPGL1000646.JPGL1000647b.JPG This was the second workshop visit on Monday. The proud owners Henry and Dean and their Snake Skin Jacket set up.

26/11/09: Brighton

L1000696b.JPGL1000697b.JPGL1000698b.JPGL1000706b.JPGL1000701b.JPGL1000705b.JPGL1000699b.JPGL1000700b.JPGL1000704b.JPG Performed a lecture on "look" today at Brighton my old Art School and spoke about our activities and went to say hello to the sea.