10/09/06: Shop at Maison Berteaux


These are the cake boxes just completed for the packaging at the new "Shop at Maison Berteaux" which will open 18th September. It is a three way collaboration working with Michelle from Maison Berteaux the oldest patisserie in London, Max and Pippa from boutique "The World According Too.." and ourselves. It will be a follow on from the Archive Store idea which is currently still in Athens, stocking all the many key items from the last four collections and a sprinkling of the new season. We are all very excited about the idea of joining forces and it will evolve as we learn what to do and how we wish the shared customers to enjoy the combined experience of fashion and cakes. We have invited Jean from APC to contribute key pieces such as his Jeans and maybe other items. There will also be Sonja Rikyel jewellery. The opening night we will serve Champagne and ├ęclairs on 18th September between 6-9pm. 27 Greek Street London W1.


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Looking good
Love the thought of fashion and cakes
Bit like a revisited tea party
Fashion cakes and kilt, cant wait
Looking forward to Jeans jeans

cakes become more delicious and tasty when wrapped in beautifully-made boxes!