14/12/06: I'm in Glasgow

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This is Lucy at Rene Mackintosh's office door. I'm here as an external examiner for the MA show this evening.


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P{referred examines.
Did you do the hen run.

Ah Ha! That's me!

I remember you taking that photo on your camera phone. I look a little shell-shocked!

I used to live in Japan for quite a while so seeing all these pictures brings back memories.

I think I've been to the place that serves your favourite sushi. I went to one in Ginza (can't remember the name) and I reckon that was the best I ever tasted. It was frequented by die hard sushi fans. The chefs were so skilled and gave you a beautiful little box to take home all the stuff you couldn't finish.

The best restaurant I went to was a tepanyaki restaurant in a hotel in Hibiya. I have amazing footage of the chefs cooking me up a massive lobster who's head had just been chopped off - it was still wriggling...I felt bad but it tasted SO GOOD!!

Anyway, thanks for posting my picture and may your days (and your tummy) be filled with tastey sushi eating experiences.

Lucy XXX