19/01/09: 4 Day Project


You have until Friday to complete a delivery of work that will get you the job of your dreams. It is up to you whether you wish to concentrate on a particular company or you work towards a fictional institution.

The design Director that you wish to work alongside has asked for a package of work that is full of your personality and illustrates clearly your creative and conceptual flair. The body of work that you present in four days has to be thoroughly convincing and to the best of your ability acknowledging the time frame in hand. It enables the opportunity to inform and communicate your control of your creative process and the motivation to succeed.

The suggested format for the presentation is 6 A3 boards collating all information that can relate to their chosen concept, it has to have a link to fashion but I consider fashion to have a wide and varied voice currently.

I want the project to be individually provocative and push you to think out of your comfort zone and try and find inspiration through unusual and unexpected resources. The object of the exercise is to establish a tool or method in a very short intense space of time to inspire concept that can be full, healthy, informative, inspirational and personal.

The end product should be convincing, considered and that every choice is informed and can be backed up with a intelligent and coherent dialogue.

Skills that this project should stimulate.

Creative processing.
Time management.
Research formatting.
Narrative and Mood building.
Communication skills.
Colour, texture, fashion awareness.
Material analysis.
Alternative product assessment.
Finished conceptualisation prior to product development.
Self Management.
Personal marketing.


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